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The Man In The Moon
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a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, adult swim, afi, alabama, alternative rock, android lust, anime, anne rice, blue man group, books, calvin & hobbes, caroline's spine, cars, cartoons, celtic knots, chess, coffee houses, college, computers, concerts, cowboy bebop, d&d, douglas adams, dragons, driving, dvds, evangelion, fight club, film making, film scores, filming music videos, final fantasy, full moons, gibson guitars, goth, gothic, guitar, guitars, h.i.m., haibane remei, halo 2, harry potter, hellsing, hockey, ice hockey, industrial, industrial metal, inkubus sukkubus, interview with the vampire, invader zim, japan, japanese, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homocidal maniac, kenshin, kidney thieves, korn, live music, london after midnight, love, lust, mallrats, manga, moon, motorcycles, movie posters, movie trailers, movies, mtsu, murfreesboro tn, muse, music, music production, music videos, nin, nine inch nails, ohgr, old school nickelodeon, orgy, our lady peace, penguins, piercings, placebo, playstation 2, pocky, poe, poetry, pool halls, radiohead, rain, reading, recording, road trips, rob zombie, sex, silverchair, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, snatch, soccer, soundtracks, stabbing westward, tapping the vein, terry prachett, terry pratchett, the cure, the dresden dolls, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the verve, tool, tori amos, tv production, type o negative, vampires, vampyres, vanilla sky, vast, video editing, video games, vnv nation, vnv nations, xbox
If you know who i am good if not why dont you go play hide and go f**k yourself...after recent events ive become bitter and pissed ... thus im now friends only

~Man In Moon

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